Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

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Are you still using old re-sealable portable battery bags to seal those leftover food bags? The battery drains too fast!
Want to change a safer, more environmentally friendly, and better sealing effect to seal the bag?
Rechargeable: Built-in 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, no need to replace the battery.
Three kinds of sealing methods: ultra-thin, commonly used, special friendly, easy to seal all kinds of bags.
Safe and reliable: patented clutch switch, triple anti-scalding, high-tech double protection.

1. Three kinds of sealing methods, easy to seal all kinds of bags. The refillable sealing machine has a built-in intelligent temperature control PCB board. And there are 3 modes to choose from (ultra-thin, common, extra-thick pro). It can meet our daily use, not only can seal super thick bags, but also can easily seal super thin bags
2. USB charging The new version of the USB converter potato chip bag has a built-in 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery for booting, and is equipped with a 30cm long USB cable, compatible with computers, mobile power supplies, car chargers, etc. After being fully charged, this chip sealing machine can be used for about 3 months. If you are proficient in using the bag running mode, sealing a plastic bag every day can fully satisfy your daily use
3. It is easy to use and has a strong seal when sealing the bag. Set the button indicator to "+" and slide it to the end of the bag. Turn the button indication point to the "-" point (please slide from left to right) to open the bag. Our mini heat sealing machine adopts patented double electric heating wire technology and 0.13 inch sealing gauge, which makes the sealing stronger and does not leak air. Next time you eat, please make sure the food has the original flavor
4. Small and portable, can be used and stored anytime, anywhere. The size of the chip recloser is 4.8x1.88x2.2 inches, which is small and portable. You can put it in your backpack for picnics, camping, traveling, etc. Magnetic stickers are installed on the back of the heat-sealed bag, which can be affixed to the refrigerator; the tail leather tag can be hung in a convenient place

Product information:
Material: ABS + metal
Power supply: 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery for charging
Time: 2 ~ 3 hours product
Size: 4.8x1.88x2.2 inches

The package includes:
1 * Rechargeable bag sealing machine
1 * USB cable


Color: Green