Robot Lazy Home Smart Mopping Vacuum Cleaner

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The simulation simulates hand-wiping the floor, the motor runs at high speed, and the external rotating wiper rotates at high speed, with high frequency and good effect. The motor has no excess power consumption during the transmission process, which can reduce unnecessary vibration and achieve a low-noise rotating mop imitating hand pressure.
If you have a pet, don’t panic. The mopping robot can help you fix the mopping robot. It can absorb the hair dropped by the pet and clean up dirty footprints.
Adapt to a variety of floors and multiple environments to clean more worry-free cleaning. The mopping machine is suitable for a variety of floors, wood panels, marbles, tiles, etc.
Automatic cleaning, collision and U-turn, low noise, enjoy a quiet life. The sweeper turns on automatic cleaning, which prevents steering, low noise, and will not disturb your life while cleaning.
The bottom of the humidification spray function is equipped with a purple light. Our sweeper is equipped with a spray function. It can be sprayed and humidified while sweeping the floor. As the machine moves, it moisturizes the air in every corner.
A large capacity of 1500 mAh can easily handle large units with large capacity batteries for longer battery life.

Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3W
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Capacity: Dust box capacity 400ML
Color: [T3] black-(new product) -, [T3] white-(new product) -, [T2] Force Gold "mopping machine", [T2] rose red "mopping machine", "mopping machine" Tyrant Gold-Upgrade, "Mopping Machine" Dark Gray-Upgrade, "Mopping Machine" Black-Basic, "Mopping Machine" White-Basic, [T5] Black, [T5] White, "Four Generations" "White" upgrade four motors, "fourth generation black" upgrade four motors, "fourth generation white" standard two motors, "fourth generation black" standard two motors, [S6] obsidian black "standard", [S6] Peacock Blue "standard", "S5" Boya Black (single suction), "S5" Ivory White (single suction), "S5" Boya Black (suction sweeping mop), "S5" Ivory White (suction sweeping mop), "S7" "White-standard (new product), "S7" white-with water tank (new product), [S9] black
Material: ABS

Package Content:

Sweeping robot*1
Data line*1
Brush head*2
Detachable cloth*1
Wet wipes*1 Dry wipes*1
Dust box broom*1
Sweeping brush*4
Water tank (optional) *1
Water absorbing replenisher bottle (optional)*1
Remote control*1
USB charging cable*1
Cleaning brush*1

Color: Four generation black upgrade
Electrical outlet: USB