Mini USB portable fridge

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product description: 1, all heat, cold drink cooling heating; 2, small size, light weight and easy to carry; 3, home and office can apply. product characteristics: 1, with USB 5 V power supply for beverage cooling 2, appearance design for small fridge 3, can be placed inside a listening to drink 4, Built-in LED lamp 5, USB interface 6, no batteries required 5, 7 minutes refrigerator temperature can be reduced to 8.5 degrees double efficacy, can be cold and warm 8, volume: 19.4x9x9 cm 9, weight: 480g product electrical parameters: 1, Operating voltage: DC 5 V (connected to computer USB power socket) 2, the maximum power consumption: 10 W note: try to use a cool cup, this effect will be better, you will not go with the domestic refrigerator than the. only a 5 V voltage. cooling effect in general. the cooling temperature is about 8-9 degrees, and the system can reach 40-65 degrees. the biggest role is to protect from cold and heat

Color: Black